Friday, February 13, 2009

Proud To Be Six

I must be getting older, because I seem to be telling a lot of stories :)

I'm very lucky to have been involved in Sikh Gurmat camps for most of my life - as a camper, counselor, and administrator. Along the way, I've collected many stories. My friends have always told me I should document them. So here's a kick-off to a new series I call "Camp Stories." Please comment with your own story too...

Camp Story #1: Proud To Be Six

I remeber the first time I was ever a counselor. I was 18 years old and my first task was to lead an orientation for the youngest kids at camp. After several unsuccesful attenpts to a lead a discussion, I went with what I knew...and just did a bunch of jakaray!

The kids were all riled up and having a blast! Then I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Are you proud to be Singhs & Kaurs of the Guru!" They all yelled out "Yeeeaaahhh!" "Are you proud to be Khalsas!" They all yelled out "Yeeeaaahhh!" "Are you proud to be Sikhs!" Silence...

I thought perhaps they didn't hear me. I said, "Are you proud to be Sikhs!" Still, silence...then all the kids started looking around at each other in confusion.

Then finally, one brave little boy raised his hand and said, "VeerJi, I'm only five." Quickly, hand after hand went up with kids saying "me too, me too...I'm only four"

After holding in my laughter and finally composing myself, I thought I would try an experiment. Although I had to cringe when I said it, I yelled out:

Are you proud to be Seeeeks! They all yelled out "Yeeeaaahhh!"


  1. Rubin, I still remember when you told me this story. I remember laughing out loud and as I read it today at my desk, I still laughed out loud. Excellent Stories and excellent blog overall. Its nice to be able to come to it and read it and think back to seeing you in action at camps many times and our many conversations. Keep it going. Your 2 little girls will love to read these some days.

    Guru Rakha

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jasmine. It was always great working with you...lots more stories to come...

  3. lol
    You are such a creative story teller!

  4. btw- thats was from me, malka:)


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